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Yellow Pages new opt out option

 Posted by on March 29, 2011
Mar 292011

Yellow Pages is now offering the option to opt out of receiving phone books.

Americans receive phone books each year, but a survey done by WhitePages shows that 60% of Americans use the internet to access contact information.

The survey also showed that 87% of Americans would support an opt-in program where they would only receive a phone book if it was requested. With this information, Yellow Pages is now allowing customers to opt out of receiving phone books on their doorstep.

The Yellow Pages is using their new and improved user-friendly website to allow customers to cut back on waste. The new website is a way to limit the amount of phone books being printed.

Yellow Pages has been making green efforts for a while, saying they have reduced the amount of paper in their books by 29% since 2006. The company also states that most paper in the phone books is either recycled or made from leftover woodchips.

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