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Mar 312011

From Green Right Now Reports

President Barack Obama unveiled a “Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future” on Wednesday in a speech at Georgetown University, saying once again that the U.S. needs to wean itself from foreign oil and stop “being a victim” of the oil markets.

It’s a message the nation has heard from half a dozen presidents. But never has it been more urgent, with the oil-rich Middle East exploding in civil unrest; rising global demand pushing gasoline prices to $4 a gallon again in the U.S., and fossil fuel emissions¬† contributing to the greenhouse gases triggering climate change.

Obama listed several ways the U.S. can step down its reliance in Middle East oil, including tapping more domestic oil and gas. But he acknowledged that the U.S. consumption of 20 percent of the world’s oil far exceeds the 2 percent of oil reserves it controls, and also that oil “will eventually run out”.

“There are no quick fixes,” he said, before outlining a variety of solutions to reduce U.S. consumption, such as more efficient cars and houses, and new energy sources, such as biofuels, as well as existing domestic sources of energy, like nuclear power (as long as its safe).

The president reiterated the goal articulated in his State of the Union address for the U.S. to obtain 80 percent of its energy from clean, renewable sources of energy like solar and wind power by 2035.

He also suggested that Americans need a more realistic attitude toward oil and gasoline.

“We cannot keep going from shock when gas prices go up to trance when they go back down,” he said.