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Apr 272011

From Green Right Now Reports

California’s Clean Coalition, an array of environmental, business and community groups, has launched a new campaign called “CLEAN California” to help keep the state on the forefront of the emerging clean energy economy.

The non-profit “Clean Coalition,” based in Palo Alto, will be promoting Gov. Jerry Brown’s call to install 12,000 megawatts of renewable energy projects across the state by 2020. That’s enough to power 7-10 million homes, depending on energy usage and who’s doing the calculations.

Wind turbines in California

By focusing on creating green energy jobs and gathering investment dollars, the coalition hopes to both improve the state and local economies, and ultimately, reduce electric bills for consumers.

Many non-profit and for-profit partners, including the Clean Economy Network, the Los Angeles Business Council, the US Green Building Council California Chapters, the Galvin Electricity Initiative, the Local Clean Energy Alliance, the American Biogas Council, Pacific Environment, Global Exchange and others are backing the CLEAN California effort. (See a complete list here.)

“It’s time to put hardworking Californians back to work,” said Assemblymember Das Williams.  “I applaud the CLEAN California Partners for their leadership on creating clean energy jobs and protecting families from rising fossil fuel prices.”

California, which already has the most aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goal in the U.S. (aiming to cut emissions by 33 percent by 2020), wants to secure green energy both for its residents and to underpin a new, forward-looking economy for the state of 38 million.

Clean Coalition

“We need broad support to help California maintain its national leadership on climate policy action by driving the transition to a clean energy economy,” said former California Energy Commissioner John Geesman.  “The CLEAN California Campaign will play a critical role in enacting policies that will create jobs, attract businesses and private investment dollars to our state, and set the foundation for our economic growth.”

The coalition pledged to support policies and laws that make it easier to sell clean local energy — wind power, solar power and biogas — to utilities and connect  projects to the grid.

For more information visit the Clean Coalition website.