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May 072011

Residents all over Webster County, Kentucky, are still waiting for the water to crest.
And that flooding has cut off entire towns from using the county roads.
Earlier in the week, water started creeping across the road in Clay, Kentucky.
Now it's so high, the town's 1,200-some residents can't get out…and no one can tell yet where it's coming from.
The rain just keeps coming…and so does the water over highway 270 near Clay.
Webster County officials say there's at least two feet of it blocking off the road.
And that means only semis and official vehicles can cross.
Mendi Wyatt and her family live where that makeshift river meets the road.
"The most frustrating part to me is that no one can tell me where the water is coming from or if it's going to get any higher. Or when it's going to leave," Wyatt says.
Officials are just as puzzled…because there's no large water source near this field, now a body of water itself.
Shelley Householder and her husband got permission to ferry across the water to grab some essentials.
Though she can't stay at home, she's thankful that it's still dry.
"It's a little stress, but just strictly inconvenience because we could be so much worse."
Webster County officials say the towns of Wheatcroft and Blackford have also been blocked by floodwaters.
They say in Blackford alone, around 52 homes are cut off and some residents have opted to evacuate.