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Community Garden in Penfield

 Posted by on May 23, 2011
May 232011

Dave and Carol Boyer have always loved to garden. Now they are sharing that passion with others in Penfield. "When the economy started going south, we thought hey-there must be a lot of other people who have the same kinds of problems and could use the extra vegetables," says Dave.

Their home doesn't have ideal conditions for a garden. So they approached the town with an idea for a community garden. The town owned this plot of land on Five Mile Line road for years, and it wasn't being used for anything. So, the "seed" for victory garden was planted.

This community garden started up in Penfield last year and in just one season there has already been a lot of interest."

"We've got 71 plots and they are all rented," Dave says.

For a small fee of 35 dollars residents can rent a 6×16 foot bed. What you grow, is up to you.

Dave says, "it's mostly vegetables, there's a lot of flowers too, some herbs and it's all organic. We don't allow chemical pesticides and that type of thing here."

Carol adds, "it's all green, all green our people know not to do anything else other than organic gardening out here. We are trying to do a different compost type in the next year or two." The community has really chipped in. A lot of local businesses have donated materials. Some penfield high school students and eagle scouts have also helped build trails, an arbor, and a kiosk.

"We've met lots of new people in Penfield. It's a great way for people to get to know each other share with each other about gardening and ideas they have for their garden. Problems they have for their garden so we've met a lot of new friends this way," says Carol.

Gardeners are also encouraged to plant an extra row for the hungry. Last year they donated about 45 pounds of surplus food to Foodlink.