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Jun 282011

Food trailers are a hot topic these days. One local Austin trailer has turned a
shipping container into an eco-friendly eatery machine.

They're popping up everywhere. Food trailers are becoming big business here
in Austin.

La Boite, which stands for the box, uses an old 20 foot
shipping container to house its eco-friendly business. What makes this trailer
different is the design.

The container has been outfitted with all natural or green
products. Victoria Davies, partner and
owner of La Boite, used natural linoleum and also plantation raised plywood and
woods in the actual build out of the cabinetry. They also used as many repurposed items
throughout the trailer.

A big metal box is a sitting target for the hot Texas sun so
they strategically positioned it away from the sun and installed shade sails to
save energy. The biggest energy saving
feature that has been added to the trailer was a soy based insulation.

Amon, owner of BioTex Foam Insulation, says that spray foam insulation seals every
nook and cranny whereas fiber glass insulation allows air to move right through
it. This type of insulation is also a
perfect fit for any residential home.

says that the foam insulation may cost more upfront but your savings for the
life of your home's utility consumption will be cut in half. It's also very safe and meets strict indoor
air quality guidelines. Making it a
perfect fit for your home or a trailer this size.

La BoiteCafe or get more information about BioTex Foam Insulation.