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Jul 062011

From Green Right Now Reports

Across the U.S. resistance to natural gas fracking continues to flare as the controversial drilling practice encroaches upon towns and threatens watersheds.

Fracking protesters in Pennsylvania. (Forests.org)

Natural gas also has come under fire (no pun intended) for contributing to greenhouse gas and ground level ozone pollution, a double whammy air quality issue that might have natural gas challenging coal as the number one fossil fuel villain, if not for the fact that it burns so cleanly in cars and homes.

Recently one (much debated and maligned) study out of Cornell University  declared that natural gas beat out even coal as the worst carbon offender, when the full life cycle from extraction through combustion was measured. That may have thrown fuel on the public debate, but many people living close to drilling hot spots in North Texas, parts of Pennsylvania, central New York and Colorado already were inflamed. There, residents can see up close the water, air and landscape toll of hydraulic fracturing.

Want more information? Listed below is a sampling of groups that have formed to fight fracking, or to demand that it at least be done responsibly, as well as some long-standing environmental groups have joined in the dialogue:

Fracking Protest (Marcellus Protest/Creative Commons)


Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter

Citizens for a Healthy Community (Hotchkiss)

Homeowners for Responsible Drilling

Save Our South Park Water

Thompson Divide Coalition

New York

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy

Citizens Campaign for the Environment

Community Environmental Defense Council, Inc.

Sportsmen Alliance

Environmental Advocates of New York

Cayuga Anti-Fracking Alliance

Gas Free Seneca


Sierra Club Finger Lakes Group

New York Public Interest Research Group


Clean Water Action (Harrisburg)

Protecting Our Waters

Damascus Citizens

Riverkeeper’s Delaware River and Lower Susquehanna chapters

Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area)

Denton Citizens for Responsible Urban Drilling

Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling

Flower Mound Citizens Against Urban Drilling

Fort Worth Can Do!