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Sep 082011

From Green Right Now Reports

Al Gore’s been trying to energize Americans around climate change for many years, and he’s about out of patience. But not ideas. Coming next week, he’ll be presenting a global educational event called “24 Hours of Climate Reality.”

The video promoting the project (below) thunders like a trailer for a suspense movie.

Sadly, this will be a tragedy, not a thriller, in which we’ll learn about real calamities occurring around the world from a set of new presenters giving Gore’s new presentation on climate change.

The presentations will show the devastating effects of climate change, collapsing ecosystems, melting ice, farms turning to desert, rising oceans. You may have heard about these problems before, but this promises to be a tour around the world, illustrating once and for all the holistic truth of what’s occurring.

To participate, you can visit the website and click on various regions to see the effects of climate change. You can watch the new presentation by tuning in on Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. in your time zone. So that’s 7 p.m. wherever you are. The broadcast will loop through the day for 24 hours, starting in Mexico City and ending in New York City, where Gore will speak.

The project aims to show unequivocally that climate change is changing the planet, every day, everywhere.

And Gore’s gloves are off. He’s clearly hoping this will be a successful parry to break past the climate change deniers and the entrenched fossil fuel interests that have spent millions obscuring the reality. Hence, the name, you see, Climate Reality.