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Oct 132011

A first of its kind facility is now open in Monroe County. It's helping keep a lot of household items out of the landfill. "It's one of a kind in the county, state, and across the country". says Michael Garland the Director of Monroe County's Department of Environmental Services.

Monroe County's Ecopark is a place where you can bring all of those hard to recycle items. Things you want to get rid of, but don't quite know how. "It's a unique opportunity for residents in Monroe County to dispose of hard to dispose of items and recyclables and other recoverable material," adds Garland.

It's located near the airport at 10 Avion Drive. Wednesday through Saturday mornings you can drop off things like electronics, fluorescent lights, propane tanks, and bulky plastic items. All things that can't go in your recycling bin.

"It's really intended to be the stop gap between a curb side collection program and other management methods including landfills," says Jeff Richardson, the Senior District Manager at Waste Management of New York.

The county will also continue it's special collections for household hazardous waste and pharmaceuticals. You can bring those items to the Ecopark too, but only on certain dates and some items require an appointment.

They've tried to make the process as easy as possible. You can drive your car right through the building dropping off items in the different recycling bins. The project is a collaboration between the county and waste management, which owns the building.

"Now it's been re-purposed into a facility that is re-directing materials out of waste streams and back into supply chains for re-use," says Richardson.

The Ecopark has been open since September 21st and already about 500 people have used it. "It's good for the planet its good for the community and it's good for us. It's really just the right thing to do," says Richardson.

There is a lot more information about the Ecopark and the items they will take on the county's website. Click here for more information.