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Oct 132011

From Green Right Now Reports

If you’re looking for quality, organically grown cotton wear for your munchkin, this is one brand that fulfills its name and then some.

Organically Grown two-piece, constructed of organically grown cotton for your tot, and the environment.

And it’s easy to remember. It’s Organically Grown.

We’ve sampled a few of their outfits and been pleased with their high cuddle factor. The cotton is really soft. The appliques are tightly sewn. The colors are soft, but interesting and the designs are up-to-date, not channeling some previous era like so many organic clothing items.

Like the two-piece set for your little sugar pie shown here.

We like that these pieces are reasonably priced and come from pesticide-free operations. Cotton growing uses more chemicals per acre than any other crop in the U.S., so buying organic can make a difference.