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Oct 262011

From Green Right Now Reports

Bold Nebraska, a progressive group that’s leading the Nebraska fight against the Keystone XL pipeline, has issued a call to supporters to harness the spirit of the season.

The group is urging those who oppose the pipeline to take one or more of  these four actions:

1 — Attend a  Nov. 4 briefing on the special session of the Nebraska legislature (a unicameral body), which will be reconsidering the pipeline’s route through the state’s ecologically delicate Sandhills region. Gov. Dave Heineman called the special session on Monday.

2 – Write a letter to President Obama asking him to deny the permit for the pipeline, which would carry tar sands oil from Canada to Texas refineries. And ask the Prez to visit the Sandhills before making his decision. (Fax your letter to 202-456-2461 or write, The White House/ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW/ Washington, DC 20500.)

This no XL jack-o-lantern clearly calls on President Obama to turn down the controversial pipeline.

3 -  Thank the Governor and Legislative Speaker Mike Flood for calling the special session. (Heineman: 402-471-2244, Flood 402-471-2929).

4 – Carve a pumpkin that expresses your concern about the pipeline. This game of squash vs. Big Oil might not frighten anyone in DC, but it will send a Halloween message neighbor to neighbor in the heartland.

Need a stencil? These crafty protesters have got you covered. Click to download the  No KXL stencil or the Stand with Randy stencil.

Get inspired by the many protest pumpkins already on guard against environmental pollution by visiting Bold’s Flickr page  where you can see kids, parents and grandmas carving away.

  • Read more about Nebraska and concerns that the proposed 1,700 mile pipeline could threaten the Ogallala Aquifer, which supplies drinking and irrigation water to most of the state.