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Oct 262011

The Coronado Theatre hosts thousands of people each year for concerts.

And the concession stand can sell quite a few drinks during intermissions.

But the curtain's not falling anymore on those empty drink glasses.

An intermission comes standard with a show at the Coronado. It's a chance for audiences to critique the show and take a break. But a thirsty crowd can leave a big pile of trash.

"We feed orchestras and performing arts groups in the dressing room areas, we have receptions and weddings, and like any other big entity we generate a fair amount of recyclables."

So the Coronado started recycling. Executive Director Michael Goldberg says a volunteer applied for some bins from Keep America Beautiful. And got 'em.

"This was an opportunity to do our part we can't solve all recycling for everybody all at once, but if everybody does a little bit, and if we can set and example, we're happy to do that."

Keep America Beautiful provided 14 bins for the Coronado. They're set up next to garbage cans and One Source Recycling agreed to collect the catch for free.

"Making it easy, making it convenient, more people will participate, and that's really the key to it."

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful helped with the arrangements. Executive Director Lori Gummow says people are used to recycling at home. Now they just need the chance to do it everywhere.

"By providing bins at the Coronado we're providing those people the opportunity to recycle their beverage containers."

Goldberg says the bins will fit right in.

"We're a theatre, so we need audiences, but our future is all your younger audiences, of the next decade or two or three, cause we're going to be here for a long time, and we want the environment that those audiences are coming into to be as clean as possible."