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All Natural Hair Products

 Posted by on December 15, 2011
Dec 152011

Candy Stephens never thought this is what she'd be doing when she graduated from SUNY Brockport. But the popularity of her all-natural line of hair products called "Hairdrenalin" has turned into a full time job. "Based on feedback and my personal experience people are seeing results and growing hair up to three times faster than their normal rate of hair growth. So, this is flying off the shelves," she says about her product, "potion".

It all started when Stephens went on a hair journey of her own. "I started getting attracted to the hair journey videos which is like a new movement in the African American community where women are deciding and realizing that their hair needs attention."

So, she put her chemistry background to work and came up with a potion. "I tested it on myself, I had before and after pictures, and tracked my results, I randomly posted my results on my you-tube channel and was amazed at the feedback. I've got thousands of inboxes of people asking do you sell it?"

She wanted to make sure she wasn't putting lots of chemicals in her hair. "All of the ingredients are natural and organic and gentle and safe most of them are edible," she says.

She mixes up her line of products in the kitchen of her apartment. Then she bottles it and ships it out herself. Some family and friends have been pitching in- to help keep up with demand. Stephens is happy to give others a hair alternative. But most importantly, she hopes her experience will help make others think twice about the products they use.

"Most women go to the local store and buy whatever product is on the shelf and don't realize it is loaded with chemicals. People are very conscious about exercise and what they eat, but they'll put anything in their hair," she says.

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