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8 things to do with kale

 Posted by on July 15, 2014
Jul 152014
8 things to do with kale

Kale, it’s that other leafy veggie, not spinach, chard or mustard greens, but oh so good when sauteed, paired with butternut squash or white beans. See our video and recipes.

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Jun 032014
Panera Bread promises to purge food dyes and additives

Panera Bread already prides itself on serving healthier foods, now it’s pledging to rid its food sources of any artificial dyes and preservatives, joining a small but growing list of food purveyors who’re wanting to keep the menus free of questionable ingredients.

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May 142014
Real Food Challenge cooking up changes on campuses across the US

Like many kids of her millennial generation, Natalie Tran grew up on fast food meals, fried chicken and hamburgers that her parents lugged home after long work days. Today, she’s rethinking that past while working as a student organizer championing “real food” for the national Real Food Challenge, which is taking hold on campuses nationwide.

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Apr 172014
The veggies and fruits you'll pay more for because of the California drought

Eating healthier will get a little more expensive this summer as the effects of the California drought become apparent at groceries and food markets across the US. The state grows a majority of many produce crops grown in the US, followed mainly by Southern Texas and Florida. A new study estimates which foods will see the biggest price hikes.

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