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Apr 092014
Bamboo: Why you need it in your kitchen, and six ways to get it there

Bamboo, that renewable, quick-growing wood that’s really a grass, has been expanding across product lines, turning up on floors, in furniture, and towels. But let’s get back to where we started: Bamboo works great in the kitchen. Remember those bamboo salad bowls? They’re still around, but there are many more ways attractive, durable bamboo is being tapped for kitchen ware.

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Jan 082014
Heirloom vegetables and herbs: Why you’ll grow to love them

How do gardeners get through the deep, snooze-inducing winter? They salivate over seed catalogs and plat their future plots. Increasingly, that involves seeking out the rare heirloom seeds that can produce all many of vegetables, fruits and herbs that have vanished from modern supermarkets.

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Hurry! It’s time to build a hoop garden

 Posted by on October 1, 2013
Oct 012013
Hurry! It's time to build a hoop garden

A hoop garden is one of the easiest ways to extend the planting season. If you’re hooked on homegrown lettuce and kale, you may want to make the effort. It won’t cost much. Here are a few tricks.

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Sep 272013
Can you name 30 ways to save water? These people did

Here are 30 ways to save water courtesy of some extension agents who cooked up a program called “The 40 Gallon Challenge.” Take a look. There are several things on this list that you could do right now. Then email us your ideas and we’ll make this list a bit longer.

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