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Gadgets and gardens and green people energy

April 27th, 2011

Earth Day was a blast. We always meet so many energized and inventive people involved in the green scene, it’s hard not to be buoyed. So many people recognize the need for changes in how we live, travel and eat.

So again this year, we basked in the optimism and then got down to the business of finding products to feature here on the website, and meet our own getting-greener needs.

In the coming weeks, I will try to share much of what I’ve found at the green festivals, as well as tell about the many products that seem to migrate into the office.

I’ve got several delicious gadgets, books and food products waiting around the office for a spring review.

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Eco-electronics for greener gift giving

November 30th, 2009

By Ashley Phillips
Green Right Now

More and more electronics seem to make Americans’ Christmas lists. Unfortunately, many electronics waste energy and run up electric bills, even while you are not using them. So here’s a list of environmentally friendly, yet still savvy, electronic gifts.

all in one wall charger

HYmini can charge using solar, wind and wall outlets

The HYmini is an all-in-one solar, wind, USB and wall charger that can be used to recharge almost any 5-volt gadget. It includes a 6 watt, rechargeable Powerbank that collects energy from a built-in wind generator, a .7 watt mini solar panel, wall outlet, or your computer’s USB. The handheld, lightweight charger even fastens safely so you can charge in motion. Even better, there’s no additional software needed. The HYmini features an LED night-light and charge-in green indicator. This all-in-one charger is affordable, retailing for $49.99.

[

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