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You’ve got the garden, now save it — canning is not so difficult and freezing is even easier

June 19th, 2012

Nature is not neat. It produces vines that overtake your house and trees; little creatures that make homes in your ductwork and summer gardens that can appear ready to croak in the heat just before they birth a barrel of vegetables all in the same 5-day time span.
That’s why we have canning.

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Get leaner and greener with homegrown food

October 24th, 2011

This year has been a time of financial re-assessment at our home, as it has been across America with so many people struggling with job losses, job insecurity and flat wages.

While incomes stagnate, the cost of everything from food to higher education rises. At our house we’re tightening the budget to adjust for what will be eight years or more of supporting kids at college. With the recession creating an uncertain road ahead, and tuition costs continuing their staggering ascent, up 10-fold since we parents went to school, it’s a sobering time. And stories from the Occupy front remind us that our current practices, like saddling college kids with huge debt, are unfair and unworkable. In this new reality, there are few easy solutions.

And with that prelude, I’d like to talk about food, because this is one area where we eke out some results, during a time when big answers seem elusive. By changing our relationship with food, we can save money, improve our health and push the populist cause.

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USDA’s new ‘My Plate’ campaign raises the profile of veggies and fruits

June 2nd, 2011

Get out your carrot sticks and broccoli bits, the latest missive fired from the USDA on healthy eating finally elevates fruits and vegetables to the standing many believe they deserve.

Even the normally skeptical Center for Science in the Public Interest was excited by the new clarity on healthy priorities being offered by the U.S. government.

“While no one graphic can communicate every nuance of healthy eating, this easy-to-understand illustration will help people remember what their own plate should look like,” CSPI enthused. “It likely will shock most people into recognizing that they need to eat a heck of a lot more vegetables and fruits. Most people are eating about a quarter of a plate of fruits or vegetables, not a half a plate as recommended.”

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New dietary guidelines: Fruits and vegetables should dominate your plate

January 31st, 2011

Eat your veggies! And, while you’re at it, quit drinking so much soda.

The government’s new dietary guidelines issued today are unequivocal. Americans need to get serious about eating healthier. They need to put more produce on their plates and push out the sugar, saturated fats and sodium that have crept into the American diet in so many ways, via soda, packaged meals and sweet snacks.

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (yes, it’s 2011, in case you’re reading in real time) are more explicit than ever, federal officials said, because the nation’s got big obesity issues.

So instead of just urging us to eat 5 to 7 “servings” of fruits and vegetables every day, the mantra of the last adjustment in the food pyramid, these new guidelines tell us to drink water instead of “sugary drinks”, switch to 1 percent milk, and fill half of our plates with fruits and vegetables.

But wait! Don’t overfill that plate. Portion size and exercise also are part of the equation.

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