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Notable green books from 2010

December 23rd, 2010

Climate change seems to have fallen off the political map lately. But it remains the urgent issue of our time. Indeed, it is the issue that will determine “our time.”

Several books released this year reflect this reality. And yes, reading them can be grim going. There are no requisite Hollywood endings, only monumental problems, from the highest melting mountain glacier to the deepest toxic dung lagoon (the proverbial pile of poo) of the animal factories. There are rising oceans, onerous heat, desertification, walloping storms, vanishing forests and depleted soil — enough pestilence and disaster for a Bible update.

But weighted as they are with mind-boggling issues, and warnings that we must attend to our planet or veer into disaster by 2020 or 2030, they do offer hope, opening up new ways of thinking and illuminating pathways forward.

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Got ‘crises fatigue’?

November 19th, 2010

Rebecca Costa

Oh, I know.

One minute it’s the Gulf oil spill and the next it’s toxic waste flooding the Danube. Turn on the evening news and there’s a Tsunami in Indonesia followed by a stern warning from scientists that we are annihilating species at “100 to 1000 times the historic rate.” Our education system is in the dumps, terrorists are becoming sophisticated recruiters and milk is either good or bad for you depending on the day of the week. We are getting fatter, burning too much fossil fuel and autism, breast cancer, depression and new strains of flu are on the rise.

Wait a minute. I haven’t even touched runaway government debt or the fact that China is buying up mineral rights in Africa faster than we can print money.

Is it any wonder that I have “crises-fatigue.”

[

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West Coast Green conference Oct. 1-3

September 28th, 2009

Green Right Now Reports

West Coast Green, a gathering that‘s part expo, part trade show and part thought conference, will be showcasing leading edge green projects when it opens at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco this coming weekend.

One of the largest conferences devoted to the “built environment,” the event attracts speakers with architectural, design and construction expertise from around the nation.

Visitors to the 2009 conference, Oct. 1-3, will be able to see demos of hundreds of products, as well as examples of green design, such as a large hanging garden constructed on a bamboo framework that will be suspended over the bay. The installation aims to show how green can be beautiful and useful, using vegetation to mitigate heat, sequester carbon and improve water and air quality.

[

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