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Tagged : weatherization

It’s harder to be green in the winter chill

December 7th, 2010

It’s cold now. Pretty much everywhere except for those places that converge toward a moderate median in the 70s, like LA, or Miami.

Have you noticed that in the cold, it’s harder to be green?

For example, I have real trouble detaching from my shower after the allotted five minutes. I am cold most of the daytime, but it’s warm in the shower. I want to linger there. You do too, admit it. Once the Lazy Environmentalist was honest with us about that. He said he had good ideas in the shower and he liked to take long ones. (See the article if you don’t believe me.)

During my longer-than-usual shower this morning I didn’t really have any great ideas. I did think a lot about how much I like warm showers in the winter. I strategized extensively on my exit plan for the shower: Grab the towel, retrieve the slippers immediately; get into the wool shirt, even if it sticks to my wet skin, find winter cardigan.

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Federal weatherization funds providing major boost to states

October 30th, 2009

A field monitor checks a gas meter for leaks. (Photo: Department of Energy)

A field monitor checks a gas meter for leaks. (Photo: Department of Energy)

From Green Right Now Reports

Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell announced today that the first installment of $123 million in federal Recovery funds for weatherization will begin to be released Nov. 2, part of $253 million that the state will use for this purpose.

The Governor said the funding represents an unprecedented level of investment that will help to create new, “green” jobs, save money for struggling families, and stimulate local economic activity as weatherization agencies buy required material, vehicles and equipment.

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Green retrofit step-by-step

February 27th, 2009

By Harriet Blake
Green Right Now

Reputable companies are emerging that can handle all aspects of weatherizing and remodeling your home into a green abode, improving its energy efficiency and in some cases, its eco-aesthetics too.

Whether you’re in for a dollar or a dime, these new full-service firms will start with a master map of all that you can improve. Got some bucks for the upfront costs? They’ll tick through the to-do list with their own crews. But even if you’ve got limited cash, they’ll help identify how best to seed a green upgrade.

[

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