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Jul 292008

By Harriet Blake

The climate change bill may be stuck in Congress but green initiatives march on. From the coasts to the heartland, states are taking matters into their own hands with many governors leading the way.

Among the most prominent “Green Govs” today are Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Democrat Deval Patrick of Massachusetts. Due in part to their green inclinations, we will no doubt be seeing more of these men in years to come. Schwarzenegger indicated recently that he’d be happy to take on the role of energy and environment czar in an Obama Administration; and it’s widely assumed that Patrick, who early on endorsed his fellow Chicagoan and Harvard Law School grad Barack Obama, would have a position in a Democratic White House.

In 2006, Schwarzenegger signed the Global Warming Solutions Act into law. It contains one of the most ambitious rollbacks of emissions levels, requiring that California reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Included in the law is the Climate Change Draft Scoping Plan which Mary Nichols, Chairman of the California’s Air Resources Board, describes as a “roadmap to move us quickly to a cleaner, more sustainable future, energy independence and a healthier environment. Continue reading »