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Back-to-school with greener goods — it’s easier than ever

August 3rd, 2012

Getting our back-to-school game face on is hard enough without being forced into buying reams of virgin paper and plastic goods that fail to lighten our mood.

But going against the wave of cheap, plasticky school supplies is getting easier, and more affordable. There are a few hurdles that can trip you up. You may have to order from a couple different places, adding to your shipping costs and carbon footprint. But if you have any office supply needs beyond school, you could make up for that by ordering some of these supplies in bulk.

[

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A solution to the paper problem that doesn’t just paper over the problem

December 23rd, 2011

As you might guess, I’m a folder not a crusher. I’ve been delicately sliding gifts out of their festive dress and folding the useable remains for so many years, it’s instinctive.

The bows go in a bag to be reused. Paper gets folded and smoothed, destined to wrap increasingly smaller packages in future years. Gift bags are handled respectfully. Without telltale writing they can soldier on for years. Same for a few sturdy gift boxes, courtesy of a friend who used to send Harry and David. Those come out every year. And we remember our departed friend fondly.
At one time, all this anal retentive fussing made me seem like a nut, a wrapping-paper-saver hoarder, ready for a profile on that reality show about people who stash stuff away until they can’t walk in their house.

[

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Going back to school with a green notebook will cost you

August 4th, 2010

Back to school time can be filled with fun as your kids anticipate a new year, a fresh crack at the subjects they love (recess, lunch, Chatting with Peers 101 etc.) and you get to send the lovelies off (their derrières and the couch) and back into some sort of forward-lurching motion toward a fulfilling and educated future.

But just try to send them with greener school supplies. Chances are you’ll be frustrated. I’ve been at this for a few years and have searched many glaringly lit mega stores and combed countless websites looking for reasonably priced, good quality notebooks, binders, pens and pencils made from recycled material.

[

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Textbooks going green at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

October 23rd, 2009

Green Right Now Reports

It seems fitting that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s first 100 percent recycled text books are a series for K-5th graders called “Go Math!”

Because the math (and the science) tells us that the earth is warming and we’d better figure out how to recycle, reuse and reduce or plan to jettison the planet in a big spaceship in the not-distance future.

The “Go Math!” series will be available in spring 2010 and has already been adopted by the state of Florida. The company estimates that the green textbooks will save 40,000 trees and 8 million gallons of water in Florida alone. It will reduce carbon air emissions by 3.8 million pounds and eliminate 1 million pounds of solid waste, according to HMH.

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Green up your back-to-school supplies

August 18th, 2009

From Green Right Now Staff

If you’re ready to turn over a new, green leaf this school year, there are plenty of opportunities to go eco-friendly, from recycled paper and pencils to lunch boxes and sandwich wraps made of recycled PET plastic. Compared to last year, there are more green school supplies now available and more stores are carrying them. Here’s our guide to some of the basics you be looking for:

[

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Green Goods: Marcal’s Small Steps

August 7th, 2009

From Green Right Now Reports

Paper products are getting unquestionably more environmentally sensitive. With even big name brands like Kimberly-Clark publicly committing to using fibers from sustainably managed forests, you can expect to see stores make more room on the shelves for at least one “alternative” paper product brand.

[

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Show some enthusiasm for recycled TP

February 24th, 2009

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

There’s a funny scene in the Larry David show Curb Your Enthusiasm in which Larry, and the displaced New Orleans family encamped in his house, wink and smirk over the toilet paper that his wife has installed in the bathrooms.

Being an environmentalist – as is her real life counterpart Laurie David – Cheryl David had outfitted the water closets with recycled TP. The running joke was that everyone had noticed the difference. And they weren’t in love with the experience.

Such is the reputation of recycled TP. Although, it seems as though I have successfully slipped it by my family. Has it gotten better (I think it has)? Or are they smirking behind my back? Probably a bit of both. I don’t really know, and it doesn’t matter because we won’t be returning to conventional stuff.

[

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Turn over an old leaf, get a 2009 calendar on recycled paper

December 16th, 2008

By Barbara KesslerGreen Right Now

I thought we’d get ahead of ourselves if we talked calendars, but now that I’ve moved into that zone where I’m noting appointments on little pieces of scratch paper because I don’t have any “January”… It’s time to get set for ’09.

Let’s first acknowledge that, yes, keeping an online paperless calendar is the greenest way to go. Hats off to my friends and colleagues who have an electronic calendar following them around on their Blackberries. I’m not so deft with tiny keyboards and as the household commissar I must have something a bit less virtual. I am the keeper of the Master Schedule and when teens related to me try to foist off the details of their next band concert or Starbucks tete-a-tete, I direct them to the Master Schedule.

[

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Printing companies getting greener

October 6th, 2008

By Harriet Blake

Catalog mailings are nearing full swing now, with mailboxes being deluged by hefty full-color enticements to get that Christmas shopping done by phone.

Obviously, online shopping is more prudent, ecologically speaking. However, at the recent Business of Green Media Conference in Boston, the printing industry showed signs of taking green issues seriously.

Consumers can “take solace” in the fact that many catalogs are recycled and others are certified as coming from sustainable forests, said Beth Reardon, a corporate accounts manager with Appleton Coated, one of more than 30 companies represented at the conference’s Expo.

Appleton Coated, a paper company that sells under the Utopia brand, uses virgin fiber but does not use any fiber bleaching, said Reardon. None of their pulp comes from old-growth timber or rainforests. It’s all 100 percent certified by one or all of the following: the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

These certification groups were created as a result of concern for the planet’s forests. They review companies’ practices to assure that they do not use old growth or rainforest timber, or engage in disreputable forestry practices that can lead to habitat loss or the displacement of human residents.

[

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Green School Supplies: Seek And You Will Find — Our Definitive List

August 22nd, 2008

By Barbara Kessler

Well, slap us with a ruler, it’s time once again to hunt down school supplies, to elbow into the desperate mob with our mandates to secure a thousand pens, pencils, highlighters, fine tip Sharpies, binders and the mysterious “folders with brads.”

With the eco news streaming like ticker tape from the big office stores this year, we thought it would be an easy assignment to find what we needed in recycled versions. We were surprised that this was not the case. The stores we sampled (Office Depot, Office Max and Target) offered only a handful of green notebooks and non-toxic pens. At Office Depot we nearly struck out, looking in vain for recycled filler paper, reasonably priced eco-responsible spiral notepads and pencils made from post-consumer waste. We did spot a reusable shopping bag at the checkout line. But we had only a lone green item, Ticonderoga EnviroStik pencils, to put in it!

Tired of combat crawling through towering stacks of un-green paper and binders, we turned the Internet. Aha! Here we found much greener pastures. Online, even the Big Box stores that had failed us in person had the environmentally good goods. Go figure. Serves us right for expending $4 gasoline to search out environmentally friendly products. Our findings, and a powerfully definitive list it is:

[

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A Green Alternative To Particle Board

June 30th, 2008

By John DeFore Solid-wood furniture is pricey and obviously involves harvesting trees, but the alternatives aren’t necessarily much more appealing: Particle board, while transforming waste materials into something useful, is usually glued together with resin containing the carcinogen formaldehyde. A newer innovation, the “zBoard,” hopes to supplant particle board and MDF in a wholly eco-friendly [...]

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