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Tagged : zero-emissions-cars

Get charged up for National Plug-In Day this Sunday

October 14th, 2011

Did you know that electric vehicles are so reliable because they have 10 times fewer moving parts than a gasoline powered car?
That’s right, there’s no engine (OK, you knew that already) and no transmission, spark plugs, valves, fuel tank, tailpipe, distributor, starter, clutch, muffler or catalytic converter.

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Tesla will use U.S. loans to develop the Model S all-electric family sedan

June 24th, 2009

From Green Right Now Reports

Tesla Motors Inc. has been approved for about $465 million in low-interest loans from the US Department of Energy to help speed production of its own and other company’s electric cars.

The California company will use $365 million of the money toward producing its Model S – an all-electric family sedan that could carry seven people and travel up to 300 miles per charge.

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