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New Jersey eyes fertilizer restrictions to save Barnegat Bay

October 5th, 2010

Some residents of New Jersey may be taking that “Garden State” nickname a bit too seriously. Bills aimed at limiting fertilizer use are turning up in the state legislature and may end up severely limiting what residents can use, and when and where they can use it. Proponents of the bills say the legislation is needed in the face of overzealous use of fertilizers that ultimately create algae problems in nearby bodies of water. When it rains, excess nutrients pour into streams, lakes and bays, creating aesthetic concerns and gobbling up oxygen aquatic organisms require to survive.

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When green is bad

October 1st, 2009

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

This summer as I flew over Minneapolis, I looked down fondly at the chain of lakes that beautifies this tidy, progressive city. My second hometown.

I noticed the surrounding land was lush and green. And so were many of the lakes. Wait a minute: The lakes themselves were more green than blue, ringed in pea-soup of algae that was closing in fast on the open water at the middle. This algae-green, sickly green mess set off alarm bells.

I suspected that all those lake-dwellers residing on their hard-fought real estate were sullying the waters by collectively dumping tons of fertilizer on their neat green lawns, which created a super-rich, even toxic runoff. This was hugely ironic, because these striving homeowners had moved there so they could boat, swim and engage in the state sport, fishing fer walleye. Yet their pursuit of the picture-perfect lake house retreat was poisoning the natural environment.

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