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Tagged : overpopulation

Earth to pass 7 billion mark, start the conversation with a condom

October 20th, 2011

The Center for Biological Diversity has stepped up its condom giveaway campaign in anticipation of the world passing the 7 billion benchmark.
The campaign, which wraps free condoms inside a package featuring an endangered animal is both edgy and cute at the same time. You could even say it’s over the top, but we’re trying to keep the puns to a minimum.

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Adoption first — an answer to overpopulation

August 5th, 2011

I am a forty-nine year old adoptive mother of a young Ethiopian girl. This is who I am today. Though there was a time when I did not know who I was, or what I wanted out of life. Because I spent my twenties and thirties figuring out the things I needed to know in order for me to become a conscious parent, by the time I realized I did not want to die without experiencing motherhood, it was too late to give birth.

At forty-five I had a hysterectomy. A year later, my husband and I adopted Aster.

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