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U-Haul to help redistribute unwanted goods

January 13th, 2010

U-Haul's Reuse Centers provides a redistribution network for gently used household items. (Photo: U-Haul)

U-Haul's Reuse Centers provide a redistribution network for gently used household items. (Photo: U-Haul)

From Green Right Now Reports

If seeing your discarded household goods and furniture headed out to the nearest landfill doesn’t make you feel so good about yourself, U-Haul offers an alternative solution.

Don’t want that old couch? A¬†U-Haul customer or employee might. The U-Haul Reuse Program is a national initiative that provides a redistribution network for gently used household items, furniture, sporting equipment and clothing — all kinds of items that might otherwise come to a less environmentally-friendly end.

‚ÄúThis program gives U-Haul another opportunity to provide a service which will enhance the self-storage industry by improving the environment for generations to come,‚ÄĚ said Dennis Gotcher, general manager of the U-Haul Center of Denton, Texas.

Items left are available for reuse, not resale, by the U-Haul community, including U-Haul team members. In addition, U-Haul continues to support organizations such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill, by placing clothing-donation bins in close proximity to the reuse area, giving customers the option of donating directly to those causes.

The program has been launched in about 80 company-owned centers, with plans to continue expanding it across U-Haul’s network of 1,300 company-owned locations. Cities that have Reuse Centers include San Francisco, San Diego, Austin and St. Louis.

Contact your local U-Haul location to determine whether it is participating in the program.

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