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Green up back-to-school supplies with our Earth-friendly shopping list

July 23rd, 2010

By Melissa Segrest
Green Right Now

There’s no nip in the air. Leaves are still green. The sight of a sweater makes you sweat.

Summer still has us in its hot clutches, but the “back-to-school” signs have sprouted at the mall.

So lean back and check out our collection of green school supplies. We’re talking basics – lunchboxes, paper, notepads, binders, markers, pencils, etc. From fair-trade backpacks to natural rubber erasers, if you want your child to take an eco-friendly sensibility to school, we’ve started shopping for you.

Before they get the stuff, they have to know where to put it. Since backpacks (and messenger bags) are very visible, they should look good as well as be eco-friendly.

Patagonia is big on environmental responsibility, and offers detailed information about each product. Their lightweight travel pack (above, $89) is roomy but can be folded into a small pocket when empty. About half of its polyester is made of recycled soda bottles and used fabrics.

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