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College team touts off-hour electricity bargains

May 24th, 2010

Photo: Green Right Now

Six students at Michigan Technological University are developing a way for consumers to be able to buy electricity when it is least in demand and lower in prices. The group has designed a prototype for a “smart meter” that would replace the average home’s watt meter.

“There’s currently a mismatch between how much electrical power we can generate and when consumers need that power,” faculty advisor John Lukowski says. “The goal was to create a device that would record, analyze and store data about energy consumption and current time-of-day energy pricing.”

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Clean Energy Act could save us money on our electric bills

June 24th, 2009

We’ve been told that the switch to green energy will cost us a lot or a little, depending on who’s putting out the information.

Now, the Natural Resources Defense Council is telling us that switching to clean energy, as supported in the pending American Clean Energy and Security Act in Congress, would save us money on our electricity bills — at least by 2020.

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