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Merry Christmas, Elmo Lives!

December 24th, 2008

Good news. Elmo Alive! is, well, alive — and well! And whew, just in time for Christmas.

So if you’ve got an Elmo Alive! under wraps for your favorite toddler, worry not. He might scare a kid or two not ready for a noisy red furball, but he won’t poison them. He’s non-toxic, according to a list just released by Healthy Toys.org.

Healthy Toys compiled a list of most popular toys based on votes from readers and then sent them (the toys not the readers) for lab testing. Tests revealed that none of the popular toys were “high” for toxins. Some were “medium” and many were ranked as “low”, like Elmo Alive!, meaning they contained no lead, bromine, cadmium, chlorine, arsenic or mercury (or in some cases only trace amounts considered safe).

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