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How ‘The Washington Post’ got it dead wrong

September 19th, 2012

Electric car supporters and companies have responded to a slap down by the Washington Post editorial board last week, which accused the Obama Administration of wasting money to help launch electric vehicles, such as GM’s Volt and Nissan’s Leaf.

The opinion piece “GM’s Vaunted Volt is on the Road to Nowhere Fast ” accused the administration both of having “paltry” goals for electric vehicles — 1 million by 2015 — and of spending too much money on subsidies for the new technology.

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Elkhart to get Finnish electric car assembly plant

January 6th, 2010

Green Right Now Reports

Elkhart, Ind., will become home to an assembly plant for the Finnish company THINK, a maker of all-electric vehicles.

THINK's City model can go 100 miles on a charge

THINK's City model can go 100 miles on a charge

The factory, expected to employ at least 400 workers, will produce a “highway-capable urban EV” that is being newly marketed in Europe and will be available later this year in the U.S., the company announced yesterday.

The THINK “City” model car will not come off the line at the Elkhart location until 2011, after the Finnish automaker retools the Indiana plant, which previously made recreational vehicles.

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