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Power Shift 2011 urges America to ‘Stand up to Big Polluters’

April 18th, 2011

Power Shift, the annual training and rally that brings out thousands of college students to push for clean energy and climate action, winds up today in Washington, following rousing weekend speeches by environmentalists Van Jones, former Vice President Al Gore and Bill McKibben.

Van Jones, the former Obama Administration green jobs ‘czar’ and veteran Power Shift speaker, excited the students with a speech that tore to the bones of the debate, telling them that their generation has been “powered by death.” That death comes from the fossil fuels, the remnants of lives lived millions of years ago, which are pulled from the ground and burned, putting “death into the sky” in the form of global warming and into the oceans and into the lungs of people, causing asthma and illness.

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Sleep-out protest in third week in Boston; Dr. Hansen testifies

November 9th, 2009

Green Right Now Reports

Rallying for a clean energy bill in Massachussetts, noted climatologist Dr. James Hansen told students this weekend that they must take the future in their hands.

Massachusetts Sleep Out (Photo: Ian McClellan)

Massachusetts Sleep Out (Photo: Ian McClellan)

“Our universe is incredibly unjust and inequitable for young people and future generations. ” Dr. Hansen said. “Unless someone can change the direction, young people are really in trouble. Our governments are not taking actions or planning actions that will achieve this.”

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