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During hot weather, don't top off your gas tank. Refuel your car or truck in the early morning or the evening when it's cooler. A small fuel spill may not seem like much, but every spill evaporates and adds to air pollution, and fuel pumps with vapor recovery systems can feed a spill back into their tanks - after you paid for it.

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CAFO: The story in pictures

October 20th, 2010

The Industrial Food Landscape

The industrial landscape of CAFOs.

Animal factories create strife for animals, but also degrade the environment. Their construction paves over the beauty of the countryside, creating factory towns and miles of literal wasteland.

Manure lagoons or piles produce their own set of problems, contaminating waterways and giving off methane, a greenhouse gas that is many times more potent than carbon dioxide. On a regular farm, manure is naturally composted as grazing animals distribute their waste onto the earth. In a factory facility, the waste just accumulates until it can be dried and used as fertilizer. When not properly composted, sludge fertilizer can distribute pathogens everywhere it’s sprayed, on crops or pasture land.

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