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Bambooee — A tree-saving, washable ‘paper’ towel

July 27th, 2012

From Green Right Now Reports

A confession, even though we’re mostly using wash rags in our kitchen, those paper towels we’ve tried to banish keep returning for special performances.

You too? A solution that combines convenience and sustainability has arrived. It’s called Bambooee, a new type of “paper” towel that’s made from fast-growing, renewable bamboo. Bambooee requires no trees to produce (bamboo’s a grass, silly) and can be reused multiple times.

Yes, a paper towel that’s not just strong and absorbent, like every other paper towel lining grocery aisles, but reusable.

It’s true!

At least, we pretty sure it’s true. The package promises that its 20 bambooee sheets will replace 60 rolls of paper towels because each sheet can be laundered, several times.

We’re trying them out and will report back on our trial. Meantime, you can buy your own 20-sheet roll ($12.99) by buying it at the Bambooee online store.

By replacing paper towels with this product you will help curb the loss of trees in forests all over the world, which are fast losing their life to human demands for disposables. Multiple use Bambooee (memorable name isn’t it?) reduces both tree consumption and paper waste. In addition, the makers of Bambooee have partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every roll you buy.

Bambooee also makes burp clothes and “Free Thinker” kitchen wipes.



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