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Tagged : holidays

Up on the rooftop click, click, click — vanquished by global warming, lickety split

December 15th, 2010

Ho, ho,…wait, the news is not so merry from Cornell University today, where one scientist reports that climate change and the loss of arctic and forest habitat has a death grip on Canadian caribou and has forced dramatic declines in their population in the last two decades.

Yes, Virginia, sadly, it’s true: Rudolph, Donder, Blitzen, Comet — they could all be on their way out, shoved over the edge by the growth of modern society coupled with atmospheric changes.

Global warming and industrial development in boreal forests have cordoned the caribou, or reindeer, into a fraction of their former range, says Jeff Wells, a conservation scientist with the university. Ontario has lost about half of the woodland range where caribou lived; Alberta has lost about 60 percent and British Columbia has seen 40 percent of the animal’s range vanish.

The result: “…massive declines in the numbers of the barren-ground, long-distance migratory caribou have been recorded; with some herds dropping as much as 90 percent. One herd, for example, went from an estimated 472,000 in 1986 to 128,000 by 2006,” according to a Cornell statement.

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Christmas lights trade-in at The Home Depot

November 3rd, 2009

By Bill Sullivan Green Right Now Looking to upgrade from your old, often unreliable incandescent Christmas lights to those cool, environmentally-friendly LED (light emitting diode) numbers you’ve heard so much about? The Home Depot is offering an incentive to do just that. Between Nov. 5 and Nov. 15, you can redeem old or non-working Christmas [...]

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Furoshiki style: Replacing gift wrap with reusable fabric

December 17th, 2008

strong> By John DeFore

Wait! Before you run those last-minute holiday errands, consider: Do you really need to replenish that gift-wrap supply?

Even folks who reject the option some of our Depression-trained grandparents embraced — save up the Sunday newspaper’s funny pages for a colorful and waste-free wrap — may find packaging options that don’t require buying roll after roll of glossy new paper.

In Japan, where packaging of even everyday goods is often exquisite, people have for centuries been knotting gifts up in beautiful cloth that can be reused by the recipient later. The practice is known as furoshiki, and while many specialists in furoshiki-geared cloth have Japanese-only web sites (click here for an English look at what we’re missing), others happily make their wares (which may be adorned with lovely scenic paintings or intricate geometric patterns) available to Westerners as well.

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