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A healthy recipe for after Thanksgiving

Here’s one recipe that you can use to counter the holiday marathon of high sat fat, high carb over-the-top holiday goodies. It’s a high fiber, vitamin-rich salvo for the day after Thanksgiving, or anytime during the holidays.

Guaranteed to make the house smell terrific, this healthy breakfast or anytime cereal is low-sodium; soothes digestive issues (because of the ginger) packs a lot of Vitamin E thanks to the almonds and sunflower seeds; contributes to your omega-3 intake via the flax seeds, and contains important antioxidants courtesy of the dried apricots and golden raisins. Your cardiovascular system (among others) will thank you.

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Pecans could fight neurological disease

Chalk another one up for eating vegetarian protein instead of fatty or nitrite-loaded meats that come with higher environmental and health costs. A recent report by the Center for Cellular Neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts — Lowell suggests that munching┬ápecans every day could protect the nervous system from age-related neuron degeneration.

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