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Turn Down the Heat report says climate change could devastate today’s children

Climate change will singe today’s young generation. How much chaos it causes is still up to us, but not for long. This report by the World Bank paints a grim picture of how rising greenhouse gas emissions will lay waste to some crops, seaside cities and villages dependent on glacial waters. The time to act, 20 years ago, or now, according to this analysis.

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Fired up by the climate marches? Here’s a new book covering all the issues

Paul Fleischman’s new primer on climate change and global pollution, Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines, manages to be both a complete survey of the key issues and highly readable. It would make a great companion for any environmental class, but also social studies, journalism or current events studies.

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‘Years of Living Dangerously’ now on DVD

Years of Living Dangerously, the epic series by Showtime that just won an Emmy, takes a panoramic look at the current state of climate change, following celebrities and newscasters around the planet as they take stock of the state of rainforests, oceans and drought-stricken farmland (West Texas is featured).

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Real Food Challenge cooking up changes on campuses across the US

Like many kids of her millennial generation, Natalie Tran grew up on fast food meals, fried chicken and hamburgers that her parents lugged home after long work days. Today, she’s rethinking that past while working as a student organizer championing “real food” for the national Real Food Challenge, which is taking hold on campuses nationwide.

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How California’s drought hurts us all

Since we became a nation of urban dwellers, we’ve inevitably lost touch with the weather and how it sustains us. We in the cities and burbs have come to see bad weather as a threat to our roof shingles and perhaps to our decorative shrubs. But there’s a whole sphere of existence out there that depends mightily upon the proper sunshine, rainfall and temperatures for its livelihood, and ours.

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