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Nature in Danger: Bonobos

Pan paniscus, otherwise known as bonobos, gracile chimpanzees, or pygmy chimpanzees, are an endangered species of the family Hominidae (great apes). Residing mainly in their native habitat in the lush rain forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, these peace-loving creatures are truly captivating.

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San Francisco Green Film Festival spotlights rising oceans, climate ‘outlaws’ and green awakenings in Detroit and China

San Francisco’s Green Film Festival kicks off this week, with 40 films from around the world and dozens of directors and speakers slated to appear at showings from March 1-7. The second annual festival also will feature US premieres of foreign films, such as Waking the Green Tiger, a chronicle of China’s rising eco-awareness, and Just Do It: A Tale of Modern Day Outlaws, which follows activists in Great Britain on a whirlwind of zany actions to stop polluters. See snapshots of these two films, and two other fascinating works, Urban Roots and Blood in the Mobile, below.

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