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Prang Art Markers unveils a take-back program in response to kids frustrated with Crayola’s lack of recycling

When last we left them, the kids of Sun Valley Elementary in San Rafael, Calif., had petitioned Crayola to take back their used markers.

It just got really easy to decide which art markers are the greenest.

It was a straightforward ask by people in the single-digit age range who’d noticed that other companies were taking back goods and probably also that their parents were slinging recyclables to the curb every week. So they spoke candidly to Crayola about the corporation’s markers, which they worried end up in the land fill after they are used.

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Stuck in a box: Crayola needs to work on its green

Who doesn’t have at least a little love in their heart for Crayola? That first set of crayons gave most of us alive today a little jolt of authority when we were tots. Crayons were the tools we used to make our early mark on the world. Even now, in the world of computers, kids still express their “likes” on paper — and walls and furniture —

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Kids to Crayola: Help us recycle plastic markers!

Elementary school kids in San Rafael, Calif., are asking Crayola to initiate a recycling program for the millions of markers the company produces every year.
The children, who participate in a green group called Kids That Care, decided to petition Crayola through Change.org after realizing that many plastic products, including spent markers, wind up in landfills, said the group’s advisor Land Wilson.

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