Energy efficiency experts name Austin as one of the most efficient cities

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has identified six American cities as the most energy efficient. These top cities were praised for having strong programs urging residents to cut back on energy and water use, strict building codes to hold builders to higher standards, community education initiatives and more. The six top scoring cities are diverse, representing different geographical locations in hot and cold states, demonstrating that energy efficiency is possible when people make it a priority.

Get your ducts in a row

You can hear them rattle in the winter, and rumble in the summer. Whether they’re underfoot or overhead in the attic, these unseen monsters can really make a difference in your home’s heating and cooling bills. Yes, we’re talking about your ducts or duct work, and we don’t mean to be personal when we say, you’d better have your ducts in order when it comes to saving on cooling costs.

Data centers can now earn Energy Star label

Data centers, those energy-consuming machinery hives that keep the Internet and so much else aloft, can now earn an Energy Star label.

To receive the Energy Star certification, a data center must rate in the top 25 percent of its class in terms of energy efficiency, according to the EPA, which announced the new designation this week.

Houston On Ambitious Path To Build Green Schools

By Julie Bonnin

Houston’s air quality and recycling rates may be nothing to brag about, but the city’s school district is among the country’s leaders in its commitment to building energy-efficient schools.

Walnut Bend Elementary, on the city’s southwest side, is one of the first of dozens of Houston Independent School District schools that will be built or retrofitted to meet LEED standards, the nationally accepted benchmark for design, operation and construction of high performance “green” buildings.

“We’re the largest employer in Houston, and we feel we have a responsibility to the environment,” says HISD Superintendent Abelardo Saavedra. “We are teaching children, and that means we need to set an example of environmental stewardship that the children can follow.”