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‘Chasing Ice’: Powerful film captures gorgeous, undeniably vanishing glaciers

It was with some trepidation that I settled in to watch Chasing Ice, a movie about the rapidly vanishing glaciers that contain the majority of earth’s freshwater. But it didn’t leave me or my fellow viewers feeling helpless, and it didn’t harangue us with a fire hose of facts. Rather it did what great movies are supposed to do, and what the film’s protagonist has been working for years to do: It showed us that the earth’s warming temperatures and seas are melting arctic ice at a scary pace.

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Climate change indicators show that…climate change is happening

From Green Right Now

Climate deniers will just have to grit their teeth over the latest report from the EPA showing that climate change is having a measurable effect on the Earth.

The EPA’s Climate Change Indicators report , released Tuesday, tallies up the heat waves, storms, sea level measurements and glacier melts that all point to a planet under duress.

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