Haagen-Daz Plans To Bee There For Apiarists

By Shermakaye Bass

Haagen-Dazs says it “hearts” honeybees. To underscore this claim, the all-natural icehaagendazslovesbees.jpg creamery is putting its money where its mouth is – donating $250,000 worth in cash to the cause and pouring much more into advertising and promotions designed to aid the humble worker.

As American apiarists monitor their hives this winter for signs of Colony Collapse Disorder and many others watch helplessly as the syndrome decimates their beeyards, the General Mills giant has made a move to help. On Monday (Feb. 18), it announced the launch of “Haagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees,” a multi-prong campaign to fund research and increase public awareness of the mysterious syndrome that has gutted at least 25 percent of America’s prime pollinators over the past few years.

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