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A Halloween boogeyman hiding in your trick-or-treat bag

Mars meet your worst nightmare. This mom and her son have started a petition aimed right at your iconic M&Ms. Just in time for Halloween, they’re asking whether people in North America shouldn’t get the same respect that Europeans get, and that means cutting out the artificial colorants that some studies link to ADHD.

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Nine ideas for a green Halloween

Skip the plastic pumpkin -- eco-friendly bags are he way to go.

Planning a low-impact, money-saving Halloween is so much more rewarding than trying to turn some other holidays green. You don’t have to argue with relatives about whether or not to have a turkey, or disappoint the kids with gifts to humanitarian causes in their names at Christmas. All you really need to do is think creatively, get holistic about your pumpkin, maybe dust off the sewing machine and take it easy at the store. Here are our best nine ideas to help you get started.

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