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Bloom Town: The wild life of American cities

One of America’s hottest cities and one of its coldest may have more in common than you would guess. In places like Phoenix and Minneapolis, scientists think that cities are starting to look alike in ways that have nothing to do with the proliferation of Starbucks, WalMart or T.G.I Fridays. It has to do with the flowers we plant and the fertilizers we use and the choices we make every spring when we emerge from our apartments and homes and descend on local garden centers.

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Rocks and stones can make eco-friendly hardscapes

By Marice Richter
Green Right Now

With spring just around the corner, the time has come to dust off plans for those home improvement projects that have been shelved during the cold weather months. No doubt, those plans involve some outdoor projects and perhaps some renovation inside, too.

Whatever you’re planning, why not consider using rock or stone? These are plentiful, long-lasting, durable materials that have multiple functions and can be used in eco-friendly ways.

Rock or stone structures have existed as far back as antiquity. The pyramids in Egypt as well as those built by Aztec Indians were constructed entirely of rock and stone. And then there are the grandiose Cathedrals and palaces, dating back centuries to medieval times, that still enthrall thousands of European visitors each year.

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