For Mom: It’s the Little Green Things

Mother’s Day is not especially green. It’s more likely to be dipped in red roses and served with bright yellow potato
salad. It could be heralded with pink carnations or homemade orange juice. If it’s forgotten, it’s draped in the blues. It’s almost everything but green. But it could be green, and it should be. Who better than the gardener of human capital, to receive gifts that pay it forward?

Honor motherhood with a gift to help struggling moms in Haiti and other crisis areas

This Mother’s Day you can honor your mom by helping mothers in Haiti, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, the Congo, Afghanistan and about three dozen other countries who face daily challenges to feed and protect themselves and their children.

A mother in Tanzania (Photo: International Rescue Committee)

A mother in Tanzania (Photo: International Rescue Committee)

The International Rescue Committee has set up an online plan where people can “buy” specific items desperately needed by mothers coping with wars, disasters, homelessness, food shortages, unsanitary living conditions and other dangers. Many of these women are vulnerable to exploitation and sexual crimes because they live in war zones or in crowded refugee camps, such as those serving as shelter in Haiti since the 7.0 earthquake devastated that country in January.