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Coalition of environmental groups calls for a hold on arctic drilling

As the Obama Administration ponders whether the gulf oil disaster should dictate any changes in the plans for additional offshore oil drilling, a coalition of environment groups is saying no way, baby, no way to drilling in arctic seas. They’ve put together an ad campaign that will be running on cable news channels, like CNN and MSNBC, saying that arctic offshore oil drilling is a bad idea and asking the public to weigh in by calling President Obama if they agree.

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Public Citizen says American Power Act ’empowers corporate polluters’

From Green Right Now Reports

Public Citizen has had a few choice words to describe the Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act unveiled Wednesday.

Energy program coordinator Tyson Slocum called the draft legislation a “nuclear energy-promoting, oil drilling-championing, coal mining-boosting gift to polluters bill.”

Slocum’s blog, posted yesterday is based on a broad outline released just in advance of the final draft of American Power Act. He itemizes what Public Citizen, a champion of citizen’s rights and an advocate for sustainable energy, sees as the APA’s numerous flaws:

Excessive nuclear power incentives that burden taxpayers

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Schweitzer Calls For “Clean, Green and American-made” Energy

By Barbara Kessler

For those yearning to hear more about the Democrats’ energy plans, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s vigorous speech Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention in Denver opened a more detailed dialogue on the subject.

Schweitzer, a first-term Democratic governor who chose a Republican lieutenant governor, called for “a new energy system that is clean, green and American-made.” He lamented U.S. dependence on foreign oil and what he labeled the Bush Administration’s single-minded focus on drilling to extract more oil, not just abroad but also domestically.

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