Author of the ‘Monsanto rider’ revealed, and the backlash grows

When last we wrote about the notorious “Monsanto rider” tucked into the last big federal budget bill, it appeared to have attached itself magically to the legislation. No one stood up and claimed ownership. But of course someone originated the insidious rider, which gives Monsanto carte blanche to plant, even in the face of federal lawsuits.

Sales of fair trade products soared in 2011

Fair Trade USA, a major third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the US, reported today that sales of Fair Trade certified goods grew by about 75 between the first and last quarters of 2011. Mainstream grocery, food and drug items grew even faster, recording a 95 percent increase in fair trade sales, a boom that was largely driven by the adoption of Fair Trade labels by major food brands like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Honest Tea, which have increased their Fair Trade commitments.

Finding a green spa

By Sommer Saadi
Green Right Now

So you feel a natural facial coming on. How do you find a green spa?

The Green Spa Network is a good place to start. The network launched in 2007 with six founding spa members and has already grown to include nearly 60 spas across the nation. The network prides itself on spearheading the green spa movement, which is all about utilizing low-impact facilities and sustainable products for traditional spa treatments.

The GSN consistently challenges spa owners to deepen their commitment to green practices by undergoing a “green audit” to make sure member spas are using principles of low energy, reduced waste, recycling programs, stocking natural products and incorporating community outreach education programs.