Humana and Arbor Day, taming health care’s paper monsters

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

It’s taking some time, but the health care industry is slowly figuring out how to tamp down the paperwork that’s choking doctor’s offices and irritating patients across the nation. Increasingly physicians are emailing in prescriptions and we in the public are getting our rejections for medical treatment via online records. (Hey, at least we don’t have to wait for the bad news!)

Paperless Receipts: Cutting Business Expenses, Not Trees

By Catherine Colbert

We all know the drill: “Paper or plastic?” But when it comes to receipts there hasn’t been a choice — until now. allEtronic, a Fullerton, Calif., company knows that paper receipts are a nuisance and wants to rid the retail experience of those paper tag-a-longs that billow out of your purse, bulge inside your wallet, and languish in Rubbermaid containers in your closet.

MeetingPod Pre-empts Paper, Makes Meetings More Eco-Friendly

By Barbara Kessler

Worried about the stacks of duplicated reports and reprinted Power Points that get passed around at meetings? Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. But as companies assess the carbon impact of their activities, the paper-choked meeting is becoming an issue, and a UK company is in the wings with the solution: an electronic device called MeetingPod.