Eco-Thanksgiving, Part 2: The veggies

Sweet potatoes, rich in beta carotene; but peel off the pesticide residues.

With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays upon us, we’re continuing our guide to the potential chemical and genetic engineering hazards in the holiday feast.

We looked at the Turkey (and faux turkeys) in Part 1. Now on to the veggies! One bright spot about vegetables is that medical research continues to verify the power of eating veggies in protecting against illnesses, even cancer.

Study shows herbicides can affect potato yields

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

For years we’ve been told that pesticides and herbicides are necessary for big agricultural operations because they increase yields.

But what if it weren’t true?

Recent research on potatoes showed that low levels of herbicides, which did not result in obvious damage to the plants above ground, negatively affected their underground growth, reducing yields.