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Do you know the ‘Snack Food 20’ companies behind the destruction of palm forests and orangutans?

Warning: This story will really take the fun out of your snack foods. But read it if you’re ready to eat responsibly by avoiding “conflict palm oil” in your cookies, crackers and chocolate nibbles. A bonus: Rainforest Action Network has released a list of the 20 major snack companies using destructive palm oil. If you want to save orangutans and help the ancestral human residents of tropical forests, you’ll make a note of this list.

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Disney takes a page from The Lorax — announces a new paper policy

Disney, recognizing its heavy paper footprint as the world’s largest publisher of children’s books and magazines, has announced it will be changing its paper policies to try to stop the degradation of rainforests in Southeast Asia.

The change comes as a victory for indigenous Indonesians, rainforest wildlife and the atmosphere, which are all being harmed by the vociferous consumption of rainforests by logging in Indonesia.

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Defend nature: Ask Congress to donate oil contributions to gulf wildlife restoration

Environmental groups come up with a lot of inspired campaigns. Some, like Greenpeace and the Rainforest Action Network, are masters of eco-guerilla warfare, turning up at national icons or even in grocery stores with campaigns that make us think about deforestation, oil dependence and climate change.

Defenders of Wildlife is not such a showy group, but they work in their own way to connect the dots, trying to find solutions to wildlife issues. They’ve been instrumental in working toward peaceful solutions between ranchers and wolf advocates in the Rocky Mountains.

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LUSH Cosmetics exposes environmental risks of Canadian tar sands

LUSH employees Los Angeles will kick off the effort by wearing nothing but oil barrels emblazoned with the slogan ‘Time For An Oil Change or We’ll Lose it All!'

LUSH Cosmetics, a natural bath and body shop, hopes to hit consumers with the naked truth about Canada’s destructive tar sands projects. Starting tomorrow, it will launch a campaign against the tar sands, with a petition and a specially designated product to help raise money to fight what it sees as an environmental catastrophe. Store employees in the Los Angeles shop will kick off the two week effort by wearing nothing but oil barrels emblazoned with the slogan ‘Time For An Oil Change or We’ll Lose it All!”

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