Recycle, reduce, reuse…donate, donate, donate

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

I remember spending one long, gray Christmas season seven years ago in the hospital with my daughter. I wouldn’t say it was a terrible time. While we weren’t happy to be hospital-bound, but we were enormously, elatedly grateful that our little girl, just 3 ½, had survived a critical surgery and was getting the medical care she needed.

eBay Does A “World Of Good”

By Barbara Kessler

eBay announced this week that it will pave the way for eco-conscious consumers with a new marketplace dubbed “ by eBay”. Designed to help shoppers find green and socially responsible products, the new shopping site will feature items made from recycled materials, organic raw goods and artisan wares produced by people in developing nations.

The partnership between the world’s largest online marketplace and World of Good, Inc., a start-up that aims to bring ethically produced goods to retailers, makes a certain sense.