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These 7 gifts are perfect for nature lovers

Give back to nature by helping restore forests, oceans and wildlife. Your contribution will boomerang back in countless ways, curbing climate change, teaching kids about the outdoors, feeding endangered monarch butterflies, making space for whales and even helping tree farmers. All you’ll get is that lousy T-shirt. (But this year, they’re actually pretty cool.)

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Don’t let energy costs creep you out on National Weatherization Day

Electric Meter small
October, like many months, is stocked with special campaigns. As almost everyone knows, it is Breast Awareness and Diabetes Awareness Month (interesting duality there as we load up kids with Halloween sweets). Who knew that October also hosts National Weatherization Day, which is October 30. So as we prepare our haunted mansions, we might also consider those scary power bills to come after Hallows Eve.

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